In a cartoon world, anything is possible!

I have always been a big fan of animation, particularly the classic 2D fayre put out by the likes of Disney, Warner Bros. (Looney Tunes) and Hanna-Barbera.  I have worked on a wide variety of animation projects.  Please click a tab to learn more.






Music Videos

Whiteboard/Explainer Videos

Episodes and Pilots

Messenger and Emoticons

I began creating animated ecards for my own website back in 2006.  Shortly afterwards I was commissioned to produce ecard content for in Denmark.  In 2012 I signed an exclusive deal with in the US (unrelated to 123kort) to produce ecards for them.  I migrated my own site ecards to 123greetings and began producing new content to add to the collection.  My cards have now been sent in their millions.











You can view my full 123Greetings collection by visiting

I have produced animated music videos for American singer/songwriter Lindsey Cohen ("Vampire"), American duo DoubleVee ("Jack the Rider") and British rock group Johnny Wore Black ("Noise" and "Firefly").  I also animated a video cover version of "Mambo Number 5" for an Activinstict presentation to sports footwear company Hi-tec.

I had a lot of fun creating whiteboard animations for innovation and change consultancy Ignite.  As sponsors of the British Skeleton squad, I was given the task of creating a video to explain skeleton and its history.  Other Ignite whiteboard videos have included those for Eastbourne Council as well as several for Ignite themselves to explain their services.  I have also created a couple of whiteboard ecards for


Animated explainer videos (not whiteboard-based) have been created for companies including IntercallGetum and Traccr.  In 2016 I was asked to animate a video for the campaign to leave the EU by Peter Richardson and Nick Smith of Great Western Features.


I have worked on advertisements for companies including Minilan (Denmark), Railroad Kits (US) and Coapp (UK).

My first ever animation project was a pilot video for DNF Productions called "Yoyo's Bar" back in 2000.  More recently I had lots of fun working with songwriter Ron Roker and composer Pete Kelly on the childrens' animated show "Farmyard Crazy".  I produced and animated a 7 minute pilot episode voiced by TV presenter Dave Benson Phillips.


I animated a couple of videos for Paul Eccentric and RRRants.  The first was a sequence taken from Paul's audio book "The Periphrast", narrated by Den Hegarty.  The second was a taster of his "Farm Cat" show voiced by comedian Mark Steele.

When Windows Live Messenger was riding high, Microsoft added features allowing users to send animations called winks to each other, as well as having animated characters with moods (dynamic display pictures) representing users.  I was asked by the Dutch company, one of only a handful of companies worldwide authorised by Microsoft to produce Messenger content, to create animations for them.  I produced hundreds of items including winks, DDPs and emoticons which were sold in numerous countries across the world.  I also produced 2 sets of emoticons for  the freelancing site People Per Hour.

Thumbnails of just some of the hundreds of Winks and DDPs created for Quebles

A few of the 3D style emoticons created for Quebles

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