In a cartoon world, anything is possible!

My cartooning work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, greetings cards, books, posters, advertisements and more.  Please click on a tab to view a few examples.

Jokes and Comic Strips

Books and CDs

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Illustration and Slides

My jokes and comic strips have appeared in various newspapers, magazines and online.  I draw a weekly topical joke for The Jewish News in the UK as well as a comic strip called "Mishpacha" (meaning "Family") for the same publication.  I draw a weekly page strip/puzzle for the United Synagogues' "The Tribe Scribe".  I also drew a comic strip called "Ignite" for a company of the same name.  In the past year I have also drawn strips for "Viz" comic.

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I have illustrated books for authors Paul Eccentric (3, including 1 talking book), Rabbi Pete Tobias (4), Alfred Harari and Jason Cook.


I have worked on CD covers and iTunes artwork for Johnny Wore Black, Rachel Black (no relation!), Polkabilly Circus, Alfred Harari, Farmyard Crazy, Sophie Garner and her Swing Kings and of course, The Metrotones.

I have designed lots of greetings cards over the years including 2 complete sets for The Johnny Javelin Card Company.

As I draw a weekly topical joke in The Jewish News, it is often necessary to include caricatures of well-known (and not so well-known) people.  I have caricatured the British Skeleton Talent Squad for Ignite, as well as drawing action pictures to illustrate Olympic gold medallist Lizzy Yarnold's website.  Sanjay Saggar of The Fire Safety Company Ltd. commissioned several caricatures  of himself in his superhero alter-ego, Captain Sanjay.  I have also caricatured lots of individuals for private/corporate gifts and cards.

I am often commissioned to draw cartoons to either lighten the tone of a page of text, or to illustrate points made in articles or slide presentations.

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